Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lily The Baby Dragon-Fly

This is one of my favorite sculptures! I am trying to get away from the "jewelry" sculptures (trying to break away from the Christi F. style- I love her style, but I won't to find my own).

Here is Lily's description-
Lily is a beautiful baby dragonfly. DragonFlys stay hidden in flowers fields and forests until they are old enough to come out and find their life long friend. This is the person who they will follow faithfully and protect loyally... How about adopting Lily and let her be your little guardian?Lily was sculpted using polymer clay. She has beautiful brown glass eyes. Her body has a coating of shimmery fairy dust and a satin gloss finish. Her wings were made by the very talented artist "Pat Carlson". Check out more of her stuff at-

See Lily for sale at Art Fire-