Thursday, February 12, 2009

Country Angel Cutie

This is my first attempt at creating an Angel! I like the way she turned out. Her body, wings and face was created using polymer clay. Her wings and body have support wire going through them. She has glass bead eyes and shimmer powder dusted on her body, face and wings. I used bonded fabric to transparent clay to creat her simple dress. Her hair was partly "plugged" into holes on her head and some pieces were simply glued on (this was also my first time using hair and I didn't make all the plug holes big enough). I have pulled at her hair to make sure it isn't going to fall off... and her curls are attached very good!
She is not quite 2" tall. I am attaching a pin to her back (not shown in photos) so she can be worn with an outfit or a ribbon can be strung through to pin to make her a hanging ornament! As the base of her body is round, she can't stand up very well without support (but hey, aren't Angels supposed to fly?).

She is for sale at Etsy-

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