Monday, September 3, 2012

Some Custom Kitty Ideas ♥

If you guys have been looking at my shop lately, you will find that I enjoy sculpting cats...and more specifically Sphynx cats! I do enjoy working with all cat breeds and many dog breeds as well. So I thought I would show a few of the designs that could be customized for your pets and for gifts to give your friends :o).
#1 Simple Custom Pet Sculpture. This kitty can be sculpted and painted to look like your kitty. You can find more information about it by clicking HERE. I can also do other pets, like the Ragdoll sculpture HERE and HERE.
#2 Custom Kitty "Doll". This is the largest sculpture I am offering at the moment. It is almost about 5" tall (when sitting down). The arms and legs are able to move. I can also paint this kitty to look like your cat and the color scheme can easily be changed (ribbons, patches, paw pads, etc). You can see more information HERE. I can also do pups like the one you can see HERE.
#3 Little Brooch/Pin. This is a simple pin that can be made to look like your favorite kitty...or your favorite show cat! See more HERE.
#4 Custom Bracelet. This bracelet can be customized with heads from each of your pets, or a favorite pet with charms showing their favorite toys. The bracelet in the photo is a "Memory" design to remember a pet that has passed away. All charms, the number of charms, and the color of the bracelet is all able to be customized. The bracelet is stretchy. You can read more HERE.
#5 Necklace Pendant or Hanging Ornament. This kitty has a loop in the back so it can be strung on a necklace or ribbon. I can also paint it to look like your pet. You can read more HERE.
#6 Kitty Ring. This ring is adjustable to fit almost any ring size (I have very thin fingers so I wear it on my middle finger. I can paint it to look like your kitty...and the eyes (swavorski crystals) can be changed to suit your kitty's eye color. You can read more HERE.
#7 Cuff Bracelet. This is done in a similar style to the above ring. This cuff is "chunky"...which is one of my favorite styles of bracelets! You can read more HERE.
#8 Sphynx Flower. This is one of my favorites! I love doing whimsical creations! I think these could be such a cool gift for a fellow cat lover :). You can read more HERE. I love a challenge! And I love custom work....I can do different breeds, designs, if you have a piece you want sculpted... BRING IT ON! ~♥~Hugs~♥~

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hmmmm....I have come to poke this thing and see if it is still alive! It seems I forgot my blog for much longer then I intended to :(. Well today is the start of new things and I intended to revive this poor sad thing! First post a little later this afternoon along with a new look :)!