Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Creepy or Cute?

Have you ever had a evening when you were trying to create something and nothing goes right?! Well, about a month ago I was having a really bad night. I was trying to make a little seahorse but the gold clay got too soft... and you know how that goes! I would perfect its little face and then the tail would be messed up. I kept going round and round trying to get all of it to look okay. No luck. So I decided to smoosh it...hehehe....sometimes it feels sooo good to do that!!!! Free therapy ;-)!!! I started smooshing its head toward its tail and then... well... it was kinda cute(?) so I decided to leave it alone and bake it! Poor little creature(?). I posted in the forums asking what people thought it was, here is some responses....

Caterpie (pokemon)

glow worm


(cute, creepy,interesting) larva

embryo (my husband's opinion)




My favorite comment...

It's got the look of a lot of toddlers, when they just got caught doing they're not supposed to do they knew they weren't supposed to do but that's so fun they went ahead and did it anyways, like shredding a whole box of kleenex to make snow inside!So, I'd say it's adorable in a slightly disturbing way. ;)

So I made up a little story to go with these little guys-

This is What I call a "Glowbie". A tiny little glow worm grub. She will grow up to be into a beautiful shimmering adult. Right now these tots are not in the best mood (they are always hungry), but they get all the cranky out now so when they grow up they become sweet, elegant creatures. But even though they are grumpy little guys, they love to be with you! That want to be a constant friend! Just keep a close eye on them.... you never know what they are going to get into! Adopt one today!


  1. They are adorable! I especially like the gold one. ♥

  2. Thanks CP! The gold one was the first one. Didn't quite get the brown ones face right...

  3. they're really cute! i don't think creepy at all. i actually like the brown one better. maybe it's the color palette you used on it. you did a nice job of making it work out of something that wasn't. =)

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