Thursday, September 17, 2009

Touch of Spring Night Lamp

I was looking around the gallery at some of the great sculptures created by the Polymer Clay Smoosher Guild members (see more here- I found this gorgeous lamp! I love all the little details. I especially love how clean the basket weave lines are. I tried my hand at "clay weaving"...and well.... that little priject is best forgotten! :o)!!! Rosemary is a very talented artist and I am proud to be in a guild that she is also a member of! Below is her information about the lamp. You really should check out all the neat items in her studio!!!

About The Lamp-
ON SALE WAS US $30.00 NOW US $25.00

This is another one of my fun creations. This night light will give a warm glow to any room. The complete design was made with polymer clay over a glass hurricane bulb and wood base. The bright flowers, ladybugs and bumble bees give it that touch of spring all year round. It gives off a warm glow in the darkest of night. The basket was made wih clay . The square base was painted bronze. The finished product was multi-glazed for a brilliant shine and protection. see RfColorfulCreations for more views.
The turn on switch is on a 5' cord. It takes a 5W bulb. It has a polarized plug.
It comes with 2- 5W bulbs.

Measurements- Wood base is a 4"; square. The lamp stands 9" from base to top of bulb and 4" W.

More at: that a peek.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Enchanted Garden Wedding Cake

This is my very first attempt at sculpting a wedding cake with polymer clay. The cake is 1" tall. Unfortunately I did have some red dye (from the roses) transfer onto the white cake. I plan to do some touch up to the cake. I have dusted the cake with white, red, and green shimmer powder pigments. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rainbow Dragon

This is one of my very favorites!!!!
Rainbow is guarding her three eggs. She is already such a good mommy! Rainbow was created using polymer clay, shimmer powder and glass beads. She has embroidered fairy wings created by Cassie.(Check out more of her stuff-
Rainbow is approw 2" tall and 2" wide. She comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity". She is available for adoption on CDHM (

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Phoenix The Dragon-Fly

This wee little Dragon-Fly has just fluttered to a stop on my porch railing. He said he is looking for a new home, but he is having trouble finding someone who wants him! This little guy is so sweet! But keep an eye on him because he does like to get into mischief now and then!

He was sculpted using polymer clay, and he has lovely wings made by Pat .
(here is her link-

He is for sale at my gallery on CDHM-

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dragon Hair Barrette

This is the very first "BGobbleArt" hair barrette.... ever!!!! I was trying to think of a new way to take these great little friends along with me.... and this is what I came up with!

Pearl the fairy dragon was created using polymer clay. She has glass bead eyes and a tiny freshwater pearl in between her wings. The flower was also created from polymer clay and has freshwater pearls wired into the center. Everything has a been dusted in various shimmer powder colors and is coated in glossy varnish. This barrette is 2" long. This piece is pretty sturdy, but please still be gentle!

You can see more pictures of her on Etsy....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Crab Friends!

Larrie (the blue crab) has found buried treasure! This little hermit is holding a beautiful long lost freshwater pearl necklace... that he wants to give to a very special someone.... you! Larrie was created using polymer clay and a vacant shell. His body has been wired into the shell so he wont fall out. He is covered in blue shimmer powder. Larrie's little patch of earth has real shells embedded and a necklace which has been wired into the base. The base has also been coated in gold shimmer powder. Larrie is removable from his base.
Lexie(the red crab) is no "hermit"! She loves to party with friends! Her favorite way to spend the day is relaxing on the beach with a DP in one claw and a bag of potato chips in the other! Lexie the hermit crab was created using polymer clay and a vacant shell. Her body has been wired into the shell so he wont fall out. She is covered in blue shimmer powder. Lexie's little patch of earth has real shells and 3 freshwater pearls embedded into the base. The base has also been coated in gold shimmer powder. Lexie is removable from her base.
See Lexie at Art Fire-
See Larrie at Etsy-

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Country Angel Cutie

This is my first attempt at creating an Angel! I like the way she turned out. Her body, wings and face was created using polymer clay. Her wings and body have support wire going through them. She has glass bead eyes and shimmer powder dusted on her body, face and wings. I used bonded fabric to transparent clay to creat her simple dress. Her hair was partly "plugged" into holes on her head and some pieces were simply glued on (this was also my first time using hair and I didn't make all the plug holes big enough). I have pulled at her hair to make sure it isn't going to fall off... and her curls are attached very good!
She is not quite 2" tall. I am attaching a pin to her back (not shown in photos) so she can be worn with an outfit or a ribbon can be strung through to pin to make her a hanging ornament! As the base of her body is round, she can't stand up very well without support (but hey, aren't Angels supposed to fly?).

She is for sale at Etsy-

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lily The Baby Dragon-Fly

This is one of my favorite sculptures! I am trying to get away from the "jewelry" sculptures (trying to break away from the Christi F. style- I love her style, but I won't to find my own).

Here is Lily's description-
Lily is a beautiful baby dragonfly. DragonFlys stay hidden in flowers fields and forests until they are old enough to come out and find their life long friend. This is the person who they will follow faithfully and protect loyally... How about adopting Lily and let her be your little guardian?Lily was sculpted using polymer clay. She has beautiful brown glass eyes. Her body has a coating of shimmery fairy dust and a satin gloss finish. Her wings were made by the very talented artist "Pat Carlson". Check out more of her stuff at-

See Lily for sale at Art Fire-

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Creepy or Cute?

Have you ever had a evening when you were trying to create something and nothing goes right?! Well, about a month ago I was having a really bad night. I was trying to make a little seahorse but the gold clay got too soft... and you know how that goes! I would perfect its little face and then the tail would be messed up. I kept going round and round trying to get all of it to look okay. No luck. So I decided to smoosh it...hehehe....sometimes it feels sooo good to do that!!!! Free therapy ;-)!!! I started smooshing its head toward its tail and then... well... it was kinda cute(?) so I decided to leave it alone and bake it! Poor little creature(?). I posted in the forums asking what people thought it was, here is some responses....

Caterpie (pokemon)

glow worm


(cute, creepy,interesting) larva

embryo (my husband's opinion)




My favorite comment...

It's got the look of a lot of toddlers, when they just got caught doing they're not supposed to do they knew they weren't supposed to do but that's so fun they went ahead and did it anyways, like shredding a whole box of kleenex to make snow inside!So, I'd say it's adorable in a slightly disturbing way. ;)

So I made up a little story to go with these little guys-

This is What I call a "Glowbie". A tiny little glow worm grub. She will grow up to be into a beautiful shimmering adult. Right now these tots are not in the best mood (they are always hungry), but they get all the cranky out now so when they grow up they become sweet, elegant creatures. But even though they are grumpy little guys, they love to be with you! That want to be a constant friend! Just keep a close eye on them.... you never know what they are going to get into! Adopt one today!